Sunday, 3 August 2008

Google Snatch 2-Google Snatch 2 Review

Google Snatch 2 is the sequel to the clickbank smash Google Snatch which launched a new era of free click traffic generation. Now, the follow up promises to deliver even more advanced techniques to getting more free website traffic , but are these just empty promises?
Is There Anything Different Going On?
Looking at the list of contents in Google Snatch 2 you almost instantly get the impression that you will be reading the same old stuff, each section of this 169 page ebook has a familiar look to it but believe me the material is very different. If your new to internet marketing or even affiliate marketing you are in for a treat and even the more experienced marketers are going to benefit greatly from what they are going to discover here. Ok. some of you might know some of this stuff but there's no harm in learning how to advance on what you are already doing.
The ebook covers virtually every aspect of traffic generation available. Plus there's a couple of other interesting additions, which are Mindmaps and Blueprints but more on those a little later.
There's many ways of getting traffic to your site, blogs video,bookmarking, social sites, SEO and so on and all these methods are a common piece of arsenal in most peoples internet daily routine. Each are used in different ways but there are ways to use these sites for more than just adding information. Using the Google Snatch 2 way will not only increase traffic but increase your online income.
If you saw the way Craig Beckta approached the social site scene in his Secret Affiliate Code then you will have an idea just how powerful these sites can be and in Google Snatch 2 these sites are fully exploited and more.